Happy 2016!

Happy New Year! 

Now with the holidays over, it's been full speed ahead into 2016. It was a working holiday for us this year (with the exception of a much needed break on X-Mas Eve and NYE, which we spent with family and friends)-but a good head start has been made and 2016 is looking for be a really great year for us so far. Lots of things being released and some new things in the go: new patterns and collab projects happening as well. So, yay!

Some updates while I catch my breath-firstly, so happy to share the new website! My talented husband worked his magic and made a bunch of changes over at StephanieBuscema.com and I have to say, it's looking pretty darn spiffy. A few more things to do, but it's pretty much all there. I'm really excited to have a designs and jewelry section now, which I'll be able to update more frequently with current things I'm making alongside my painting and illustrations.

New scarves are happening and in the works and FINALLY some new jewelry. It's been a short while since I've added new items over at the Kitschy Witch shop, keep an eye out-new things are being added pretty often now! I've been dreaming up lots of new pieces while working, jotting down ideas and hoarding supplies. As much as I detest the cold season and not being able to do any gardening, it's given me a tiny window of time per week to stay inside and work on some of my own things (aside from painting), like some new jewelry designs and textile patterns. Slowly chipping away at a new fortune teller silk scarf design and a new collection of brooches. A peek below at one of my vintage inspired hand brooches, coming next month.

Above is a small portrait piece painted around the holidays. A fast attempt to simplify and make a few changes to my painting approach for work that needs to be done and handed in fast. It's currently been difficult to get any free time to do these small experiments with my work load, but hoping to make more time to do this type of work later in the year. It's become a bit of a goal to make more selfish "me time" this year-to learn more technique and create for myself. These little creative burst breaks, even if it's an hour or so, are so important-I can't stress that enough.

Enough babble-Back to work! Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2016! xo

Holiday Sale & New Goodies!

Guys! New things! And a sale!

I was lucky enough to get my claws on a very small handful of these new Queen of Hearts silk scarves and bags I designed just in time for the holidays BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH. I’m beyond thrilled with how they turned out and I hope you’ll dig em’! Next batch will be printed soon and available sometime in January, so if you miss out on the few that I’m offering up for grabs, there will be more after the holiday rush/craziness/insanity.

The biggest thanks to everyone who’s been supporting my work and little shop! As a thanks, I’m offering up free shipping on any order over 50.00 with coupon code THANKS✨OR✨20% off orders 100.00 or more until 11/30 with coupon code THANKS100!

Happy shopping! xo


 Soooo, who else is ready for Halloween?! I’ve been planning and making a bunch of cool new items for the shop over the past few months as time allows, it’s been fun and I’m pretty stoked to share everything!

Between now and October 31st I’ll be releasing a bunch of new Halloween items to welcome in the new season (so check back often, there’s some really cool stuff on the way, like limited ed cases and silk scarves :) ).  These cute little mini makeup clutches just arrived over the weekend, now available in the shop!

To the left and below is some of the progress of the new Halloween silk scarves I'm having made, these have been a real labor of love and my first venture into having accessories manufactured on my own. All elements have been hand drawn and inked, then worked to death until the pattern felt right. I'm hoping to be able to release a new scarf seasonally, I'm sort of in love with making them and it's a nice release from everyday work.

A quickie update, back to work for me, I'll be posting more as the new items roll in. Wishing everyone a happy fall! xo

July Update

(Peek at the new Go Go Ghouls print series!)
No clue how it's July already, time has been flying! A quick update, I'll be releasing a bunch of new items over the next two months both in my online store and at Boston Comic Con the end of this month. First up, new tote bags! I've been meaning to release them sooner, but work has been keeping me more then busy. My Curse of the Black Cat tote bags will be available in my online shop July 15th as well as at the Con end of month. These are part of a set of vintage Halloween style items I've been designing-more will be available as we get close to the Fall (hopefully some T shirts...)! SO happy with how these came out, also-they GLOW IN THE DARK! 

Now, on to art prints! A few years ago I released a set of Go Go Ghouls art prints. I've decided it was time to revisit the theme and freshen them up a bit. I'll be adding to this set throughout the next year or so, adding a new piece here and there. These giclee prints will be a limited run, making room for new additions every few months. The first four in the series will be release at Boston Con (sneak peek of the paintings are above...), I'll be bringing 10 of each to the show. The remaining prints will be available in my online shop soon after. 

Quite a few additional prints (including The Ghost of Tiny Tim, Possessed to Skate and Skull Studies, below) will also be available in my online shop as well, I'll be sure to post when they're all listed and ready to rock :)

A bunch more to share over the next few months. Slowly working away on my Lenormand fortune card set still and mulling over ideas and venues  for another solo show related to the cards...hopefully in 2016-ish. In the meantime, I'm spending all my painting energies on the new Chimichanga comic series with Eric Powell, which is looking to be a pretty special book. It's been a real challenge hand painting this book and I'm really proud of how it's coming along. Can't wait for it to be out!

Some exciting news! So honored to be asked to paint a very special Nancy Drew piece for Papercutz 10th anniversary. These will be a limited run of 250 numbered pieces and will be available for purchase at BookCon and from selected bookstores and comic book stores across the United States and Canada on May 30th. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the prints will go to help charities including the Children’s Book Council, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Hero Initiative.

(more info at http://graphicpolicy.com/…/papercutz-celebrates-10-years-w…/)